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At Experience Chiropractic in Lincoln Park of Chicago, we’re proud to be on the cutting edge of Spinal Rehabilitation Techniques.

Our Proven Technique

Experience Chiropractic

Lincoln Park ChiropractorAt Experience Chiropractic we understand that the adjustment is the most important part of treatment. In addition to that we provide our patients with therapeutic exercises specific to their conditions. These help hold and support their adjustment so that the spine doesn’t easily fall back to an unhealthy position.



This therapy helps re-align scar tissue by creating micro pulls to increase the elasticity of the scar tissue. This therapy also increases blood and oxygen supplies to the tissue to speed up the body’s healing response.


The reason for the wobble chairs is to warm up your discs and ligaments (white tissue) in your lower and middle back. Not only does it bring nutrition to the discs and ligaments, but it also allows the discs to go from a hard rubbery gel to a soft liquid. If the disc is rubbery when we adjust you, it will act like elastic and pull your spine back to the same place. This would be counterproductive for spinal correction. When the disc is warmed up properly, it makes the adjustment easier and it also removes the elastic effect and your body can hold the adjustment longer.


The Deep Muscle Stimulator speeds up the healing process by breaking apart and re-aligning scar tissue, which makes your muscles more flexible and efficient. The DMS also helps to reduce pain, increase circulation, increase lymphatic flow by proprioceptive stimulation.


Every day we’re constantly looking down in front of us, whether it be texting or working on a computer. This leads to forward head posture. Extension Compression Traction reduces the effects of forward head posture by gently stretching the cervical curve back to its proper position. This is a molding process that over time helps to retrain your cervical curve.


Just like your heart beating, posture is a reflex. We are not supposed to consciously think about our posture. Therefore, the only way to change your postural muscles is to retrain your brain to hold your muscles without you thinking about it. Adding a weight system to your body and giving you balancing exercises forces your postural reflexes to engage and rights your posture back to its proper position. Over time, repeating this process will retrain your brain and body to remember on its own.


These type of exercises are different from what we do at the gym. At the gym we do isotonic exercises (which means strength with movement utilizing fast twitch muscle fibers). Postursizer exercises are isometric (which means force without movement utilizing slow twitch muscle fibers). This is necessary to strengthen posture. Fast twitch muscle fiber when fatigued goes flaccid and a slow twitch muscle fiber when fatigued goes into spasm. This is why you feel the tight muscles or knots in your back when your posture is abnormal.


Whole body vibration causes your brain and nervous system to connect to your muscles, ligaments and tendons more efficiently. As a result of that, flexibility and strength are restored in the body at a much speedier pace.


These stretching bikes are specifically designed to allow the body to stretch in positions that prevent further injury.

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