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At Experience Chiropractic in Lincoln Park of Chicago, IL, we’re aware that tingling or numbness in certain parts or regions of our bodies is only a symptom of a serious underlying problem and often and indication of Nerve Damage. When patients feel these symptoms we carefully locate the problem causing this Nerve Damage and work to correct and eliminate it.

Tingling/Numbness Q & A

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Why would damage to a nerve in my spine cause my legs to tingle or my hands to go numb?

This is a very common question at Experience Chiropractic. The answer is: All the nerves to your hands, fingers, legs and toes originate from the spine. When the nerve root gets compressed it can cause symptoms from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes.”

Most cases of Nerve Damage are very treatable and oftentimes reversible. However, if you are experiencing tingling or numbness anywhere throughout your body, you’re already at at least 60% damage – which drastically decreases the likelihood this problem will resolve on its own. 

Below is a chart that draws a map of our Nervous System by showing us what each nerve is responsible for.

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